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Lending a helping hand for over 80 Years.

Welcome to Kitsap County’s oldest remaining improvement club.  Although not the first improvement club in Kitsap, we are the longest lasting due to our commitment to the community and a group of dedicated members.  Helping Kitsap County communities in a variety of ways is what we have done for over seventy-five years.  Our members contribute in a number of ways, some of which include helping in making important decisions while providing valuable feedback at monthly general meetings and volunteering time and labor at the club and other charity events to cook, clean, and organize.  Our members truly are the backbone of the club and without their support, many citizens and community projects would not get the attention they need and deserve.

How we raise funds to donate

WSIC is a Non-Profit Organization.  We support many charities and groups by renting hall space, annual membership fees, and our number one source of distributable funds is Bingo.

Bingo Hall

Our bingo hall is the number one provider of the funds which we give to specific charities, groups, and organizations.  Our bingo hall has been in operation since 1961 and is a well-known attraction for bingo enthusiasts.  If you are looking for something fun to do on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night come on down and help support us and the community by playing some bingo.  We have high-paying jackpots and pull tabs available every night.  Our doors open at 4:00 o’clock pm, early birds start at 6:00 o’clock pm, and packets start at 6:30 pm and bingo is usually over by approximately 9:30 pm.

Charities we help

Since we started as an improvement club in 1932 we have provided assistance to many local charities and several national charities on a regular basis. We often support local school programs, fire and police departments, the local senior center, youth sports activities, church services have been held, as well as quarterly donations to five local food banks.

Find out more about the charities we support.

Community projects

The West Side Improvement Club has been involved in many wonderful and helpful projects to the community over the years.
Since the club's creation, we have worked with the Kitsap County Government lending a helping hand by being involved in road projects.  Though less involved these days we still attend meetings on road development in South Kitsap to help consult on important current and future road improvement projects like the Burly-Olalla Intersection on Highway 16.  We also have been involved in many other community projects such as providing funds for the covered bus stop located at the skill center on National Ave. in Bremerton.  Some other projects include the fire hall building on Loxie Eagans, sidewalk projects on Loxie Egans and National, and the covered playground at West Hills Elementary.

How can I help?

Become a member.  Getting involved could not be any easier.  We charge a small annual membership fee which helps keep the club running while also providing financial support to many charities.  Being a member has rewards of its own but the best thing about being a member is you get to give back to the community you live in.  Being a member is all about wanting to help get involved in the neighborhoods you live in and communities you travel through regularly.  If you have a desire to help people and a little spare time you can make a great deal of difference.  If this sounds like something you may be interested in click on the link to the right and learn more.

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