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View Point Park


  • Feb. 26, 1973: a letter stating the West Side Improvement Club (WSIC) met with Deputy Director, Washington State Highway Comm. to initiate the West Side Viewpoint Park project.

  • In 1973: a newspaper article states the West Side Improvement Club officials hope to see a two-year effort at getting the Viewpoint Park established on the Kitsap Freeway culminate with the signing of a contract with the state.  This contract will agree whereby the WSIC and the state will jointly develop the Park, to be located between McCall Blvd and the Navy Yard Highway, at the point, the new two-lane freeway intersects the highway.  Construction to begin within 30 days. The state provides fencing around the park, paving and curbs in the parking area, pathways, landscaping materials, and a watering system. The Club will agree to provide volunteer help in planting the landscaping features, plus a picnic table along with litter barrels, beauty bark, a sign, and maintenance. A shelter is planned ultimately but will be subject to a later agreement.

  • May 23, 1974: correspondence stating the Club met with District Landscape Engineer, Dept. of Highways to present the agreement with the Highway Dept. for the proposed Viewpoint Park.

  • June 27, 1974: Washington State Highway Commission, Dept. of Highways grants permission for WSIC to construct, operate and maintain a viewpoint (Sinclair Inlet Viewpoint) on the east side of SR3 between approximate H.E.S TC, 0+00 and TC, 10+34 in Gov’t Lot 1, Section 27, township 24 North, Range 1 E.W.M. between Sinclair Inlet and Chico (vicinity Sinclair Inlet temporary connection) in Kitsap County.

  • July 27, 1974: Newspaper write-up says State Highway Dept. employees expected any day to begin the paving portion of the Viewpoint Park, to be developed jointly by the department and the West Side Improvement Club. The state provides the paving, fencing, and curb along McCall Blvd, and aid the WSIC in acquiring landscaping materials. It is hoped the landscaping can be done this fall.

  • May 20, 1975: a letter from the WSIC to The Bremerton Sun stating that the previous November volunteers spent hours planting choice shrubs, and just as the plants began to blossom and the neighborhood could enjoy the fruits of the WSIC’s labor someone started ripping off the choice shrubs.

  • Aug. 12, 1975, a letter of thanks from the WSIC to District #3 Landscape Architect, Wash. State Highway Comm. for tables to be used at the Park. It was stated that the WSIC stripped, stained, and secured them to the blacktopped area. Roofs were also constructed over the tables.

  • Oct. 22, 1975, a memo was received by the WSIC that the State Highway Commission, Department of Highways reviewed and approved the Park sign layout and the gazebo design for the Viewpoint. The log and plaque constructed by Rod Tracy. The log had washed in on a beach at Ilwaco storm of Feb. 1976. Fall 1975 the entrance sign was installed at Viewpoint Park.

  • Jan. 26, 1976, a contract with Hall’s remodeling to furnish labor and materials to construct a gazebo for the WSIC at Viewpoint Park. Feb. 8, 1976, the Club approved the construction and paid the contractor.

  • March 26, 1976, a plaque was provided by WSIC, and a log provided and placed by member Rod Tracy. The log had washed in on the beach at Ilwaco storm of Feb. 1976. The log was later replaced by Navy anchor

  • West Side Viewpoint dedication March 28, 1976, 2 pm. The Park overlooks Sinclair Inlet at the intersection of the freeway and the Navy Yard Highway. The West Side Improvement Club and the state Highway Department built the Viewpoint Park in a cooperative effort. Dean Tracy, a West High School junior will cut the ribbon to the park’s gazebo which he designed.  Parry Fowler was the Highway Dept. landscape architect, and Mel Holgerson, project engineer.  The Viewpoint Park was a culmination of a three-year campaign begun under Club member Edna L. (Mrs. Ralph) Marshall as chairman of the steering committee. Those to be credited were the Kitsap County Parks Dept., State Highway Dept., County Commissioners, Navy Yard City Volunteer Fire Dept., Boy Scout Troop 509, and Club Pack 512-C for major construction. Many WSIC members and state Highway Dept. officials also helped.

  • Oct. 1985 JCT. SR3/ SR304 proposed Directional Interchange regarding the Viewpoint Park on McCall Blvd. 

  • July 14, 1987, a letter from the Department of Community Development notifying the WSIC that the Viewpoint Park will be relocated.  

  • ov. 18, 1987, a letter from Kitsap County Dept. of Community Development regarding the three-way agreement between the county, State Department of Transportation, and West Side Improvement Club.  The three parties will meet when the draft final designs of contract plans for the Park relocation are available. At that time it was in agreement the Sinclair Inlet Viewpoint Park was within the right of way for the expanded and improved Sinclair Inlet Highway interchange and the State of Washington Department of Highways intends to relocate and redesign the park to an adjacent parcel of land owned by Kitsap County.  The West Side Improvement Club has since June 27, 1974, maintained the Park through an agreement and permit No. 7671 with the Washington Department of Highways the WSIC desired and intended to continue to maintain the relocated Viewpoint Park.  The Washington Department of Transportation desired to return the land and relocated Park after completion to Kitsap County.  It was agreed upon by the WSIC and the County that the WSIC would continue to maintain the Park at the expense of the Club. 

ViewPoint Park Stewardship

Take a break and enjoy views of Sinclair Inlet, U.S. naval ships, and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard from the sheltered viewing area of this small Kitsap County Park in Bremerton, Washington. The park features picnic tables, benches, a gazebo, plague and an anchor from the USS Norton Sound AVM-1 Commissioned 8 Jan 1945 and decommissioned 12 Dec 1986. Harry L. Frickey, Club past President 1983-1988 provided plague for the anchor.

ViewPoint Park is currently being revitalized through a joint effort by the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department, West Side Improvement Club, and the Washington Youth Academy.

How we help

The West Side Improvement Club has been involved in the development, construction, and maintenance of the park for over 30 years.

Official statement from the Kitsap County Government:

The Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department would like to nominate a small, but very effective group of volunteers for their service in helping us reopen a park that was once closed to the public due to budget restraints. This park is ViewPoint Park, and the volunteers are members of the West Side Improvement Club and neighbors of the park. In October 2008, Kitsap County made a decision to close this park due to vandalism and budget constraints that reduced staffing levels. Rex and Carol Tauscher, members of the West Side Improvement Club organized a group of volunteers to help clean up, maintain, and secure the park for the County. In February 2009, ViewPoint Park was reopened due to the efforts of the West Side Improvement Club and local neighbors. The West Side Improvement Club has picked up the cost of maintenance for the park, and Rex Tauscher has done most of the park maintenance work himself. Carol Tauscher took on the role of recruiting and organizing a group of volunteers to open and close the park gate during daylight hours in order to secure the park. These key volunteers are Kim Kruzner, Betty Langton,  June Nolting, and Cyrus Ayers. They have all been known to open and close the gate in all types of weather, the crisp cold of the early morning, and the dark of night! Without all of their help, View Point Park would have remained a closed park. Now, it is a nice little neighborhood park that is once again enjoyed by the public. Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department would like to recognize and thank this very dedicated group of volunteers!

What you can do

If you live close to the park enjoy the park as often as possible. If you would like to get more involved you can volunteer to look after the park grounds, clean up or open and close the park gates.  We would like for you to join the club but if you just want to become a volunteer please contact Carol Tauscher at 360-479-0668.

Park Hours

Summer Hours: April through September the park will be open every day during daylight hours. 

Winter Hours: Park Closed October through March.

How to get to the park.

Directions: From Bremerton on State Highway 3 take the Loxie Eagans exit and turn right. Turn right on National and continue right on McCall Blvd. The park is at the end of the road. You can’t miss the huge ship’s anchor in the area adjacent to the parking lot.

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