View Point Park


  • Feb. 26, 1973: a letter stating the West Side Improvement Club (WSIC) met with Deputy Director, Washington State Highway Comm. to initiate the West Side Viewpoint Park project.

  • In 1973: a newspaper article states the West Side Improvement Club officials hope to see a two-year effort at getting the Viewpoint Park established on the Kitsap Freeway culminate with the signing of a contract with the state.  This contract will agree whereby the WSIC and the state will jointly develop the Park, to be located between McCall Blvd and the Navy Yard Highway, at the point, the new two-lane freeway intersects the highway.  Construction to begin within 30 days. The state provides fencing around the park, paving and curbs in the parking area, pathways, landscaping materials, and a watering system. The Club will agree to provide volunteer help in planting the landscaping features, plus a picnic table along with litter barrels, beauty bark, a sign, and maintenance. A shelter is planne