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WSIC Live Band Collective

-Do you know how to play an instrument, or sing? 

-Have you always wanted to be in a band or group? 

West Side Improvement Club may have your chance! 

Some of our members have shown interest in starting a group of talented local artists. If that sounds like something you would also be interested in email us at 
Or simply fill out the Questionnaire and
start the signup process through Sign Up Genius.
Just click the button below. 


If you need help with your' choices', please give this FUN website a try:





There you will find an Alphabetical List of, dare I say, ALL ARTIST.


Betty Lou is famous 'internationally'.  (access her 'View Guestbook' section and be impressed with all the 'music lovers' from around the world),   BTW, she has put a lot of work into this (ad)venture.  She faithfully 'transcribes' two 'new' songs per day (except when she goes on "Holidays").  IMhO, this is the "best" music website I have ever seen.  (I have been a 'fan' for over 15 years!)  Check it out!  I can almost guarantee the memories alone will put a 'smile' on your face.   'Greg from Alaska'

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